Welcome to Dr Jody.
Change is possible.

In order to help people successfully manage all the struggles life has to offer, I believe it is necessary for me to always be curious not accepting that there is ‘an answer’ or any one therapy that is best. Each human being is unique. I approach my work with people through therapy, coaching, training and education to successfully help them learn to regulate the stress response while using a model of therapy called Cognitive Somatic Integration Training C-SIT®. This model has evolved out of my journey over the years of working with people. I believe in using any number of techniques designed for brain-body integration in order to promote wellness and health.

Many personal aspects become apparent when you work with me- an intense curiosity and acceptance of different approaches, an immediate, practical, and collaborative approach to problem-solving, a compassionate and optimistic sense of hope. At the same time, I am relaxed and appreciate the healing that humor can bring to our lives.

These skills and traits come together with my professional knowledge and experience to help you identify landmarks along your own path, avoid and overcome obstacles, and reach a place of acceptance and functionality- with yourself, with others, and with the world around you.

Come tell me your story.