My Practice

elephant-pic-500x333I have spent the last forty years working to help people change their habits. Habits are generally unconscious, very well trained responses to stimuli both in the present moment and from our memories. In order to sustain habit change, learning stress regulation tools is critical. My practice is a relational endeavor incorporating many different techniques studied over the years. My goal is to help individuals, couples, and families notice their thoughts and physical responses to the moment; teaching them how to strengthen their internal resources of regulation and to encourage each person to take personal responsibility for their reactions. The habits we use to help us patch over feelings of disconnection, fear, and unhappiness can lead to impulsive actions frequently causing harm and regret.

My practice has led me to a deep understanding of the intertwined nature of the brain and body or brain-body. The model of therapy I practice is C-SIT® Cognitive Somatic Integration Training®. C-SIT is a blended model of cognitive and somatic techniques that, when combined, gracefully teach us skills for brain-body integration and regulation. This integration helps us thrive in our relationships. Lack of brain-body integration can lead to unsuccessful rather than successful habits. Our attempts to patch over feelings of disconnection, fear, isolation, and unhappiness can drive us to seek relief through addictions and other impulsive actions. Ultimately unsuccessful habits take us further from the happiness we seek in life. Everyone has the potential to create successful habits.